24th October 2002 The 67 Island Farm Escapees were Nazis ! says Leader of Bridgend Council (Jeff Jones).
16th January 2003 An attack on this website was made by Jeff Jones.
18th January 2003 A Rabbi (who lost all his maternal family to the Holocaust) dismisses Jeff Jones' claims.
31st January 2003 Jeff Jones attacks Hinrich Behrends' visit to Island Farm (son of: SS-Gruppenführer Hermann Behrends) saying he "had no reason to visit it" !
31st January 2003 A response from Hinrich Behrends
6th February 2003 Jeff Jones' claims the website interest is "unhealthy" and directs us to an article written by Ian Kershaw in the Guardian newspaper. (The link is to the Guardian newspaper article)
14th February 2003 A brilliant response from Eden Camp Museum to Jeff Jones.
18th February 2003 Ian Kershaw identified as being a Professor of Modern History at Sheffield University gives his professional opinion of this website. (See Readers comments below)
20th February 2003

Jeff Jones, who claims he is an educated & professional person, called this website 'Cr*p'.
Click the date to the left to hear it ! (Requires a suitable MP3 player and is 67Kb in size)

3rd April 2003 Jeff Jones tries to do a u-turn and claims that all his recent comments about Hut 9 were just a joke !
10th May 2003
An appropriate quote taken from the "Commemorating the Holocaust" document actively promoted by the Education department of Bridgend Council and 3 other councils in South Wales!

"I had many illusions when I was liberated. I thought...that generations to come would be free from prejudice forever. Alas, I was wrong."

Anita Lasker-Wallfisch. Bergen-Belsen 15th April 1945
12th August 2003 Jeff Jones' comments regarding the POW drawings from the Hut walls are shown in UK national newspapers (The Times, The Sun): "If this is art God help us"..."the artists must have been in the SS Painting By Numbers Brigade"..."Looking at the women (they painted), they are so ugly I would have stayed in the camp, I wouldn't have bothered to escape".
21st August 2003
ZDF German Television comes to Bridgend to interview myself and Jeff Jones about his offensive comments and to view the drawings for themselves.
22nd August 2003 Gazette newspaper headline talks of deep shame and embarrassment at Jeff Jones' comments with apology being given to Germany from the Bridgend Mayor

          Reader's Comments - Some of the comments and emails of support against the above articles including one from
                                            Bletchley Park !