´╗┐ The Escaped German Prisoners


The following list has been painstakingly researched and retyped from an original which was a "grainy" photocopy from the original. Using a typewriter font and a lot of patience I have recreated the escape list to look as close to the original as possible even down to the spacing between columns.

IMPORTANT: Due to the rarity of this information and the time taken to research it, I have deliberately made some subtle indicators that would prove to me that this list has been plagiarised or copied with out due credit and agreement from myself.

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Note these are the PoWs who successfully made it away from the camp and were classified as escapees

Prison No, Rank, First Name and Surname

  1. B.22506 Lt. Wilhelm ALTFAHRT
  2. B.22566 Lt. Wilhelm BIRENBEUL
  3. A.957430 Ob-vet. Jacob BUCHOLZ
  4. B.22497 Lt. Herbert BORNEMANN
  5. A.997414 Lt. August BACHMANN
  6. A.997413 Lt. Carl BROCKMEYER
  7. A.489235 Lt. Walter DIEHL
  8. A.531801 Lt. Gerhard FIEGEL
    A.531801 Lt. Gerhard FIEGEL
    Fiegel - 1st October 2003
    when I was fortunate to meet him
    A.531801 Lt. Gerhard FIEGEL


    Date Of Birth: 26.11.1924
    Place of Birth: Ratibor, Oberschlesien

    Joined the German Army at the age of 17, and fought on the Russian Front, but was posted to France shortly after D-Day (June 6th 1944).

    POW NO: 531801
    Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
    What Units was he in: Infantry
    How & when captured: 1944 in Le Harve by the Australians
    POW Camps: Kempton Park, Island Farm, Featherstone
    Date Repatriated: 28th February 1948
    Decorations: Iron Cross 2nd Class
    Final Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
    Escape Objective: hoped to get to Ireland but captured in Swansea
    Special Notes:
    He was the person who first cut through the concrete floor i.e. started the tunnel.
    It took 6 - 8 weeks to excavate and only went down approximately 2.5 metres.
    The false wall was held together with porridge !
    To prove that they had tunnelled under the wire they drilled up through the roof of the tunnel and blew cigarette smoke through the hole which the other POWs could see

  9. A.493466 Lt. Joachin GOTTSHALK
  10. B.72112 Lt. Werner GRAUDUSZUS
  11. A.791226 Lt. Hans HARZHEIM
  12. A.493475 Ob-Lt. Karl HERBLEIN
  13. B.22493 Ob-Lt Karl HELLRICH
  14. A.493488 Lt. Helmut KORN
  15. A.493487 Lt. Rudi KONSOLKE
  16. B.22515 Ob-Lt. Hans KLEIN
  17. B.22523 Lt. Hans KROMER
  18. A.997417 Ob-Lt. Eduard RAVE
  19. A.576487 Lt. Rudolf. RODINGER
  20. A.774279 Lt. Wolfgang SAUGE
  21. B.22541 Lt. Kurt TERNBUCK
  22. B.73622 Lt. Johann SCHAEFER
  23. A.459877 Lt. Rolf SUND
  24. ---------- Captured -------
  25. A.853258 Lt. Hans VOELKEL
  26. A.957419 Ob-Slm Ulrich VISCHKE
  27. A.459888 Lt. Heins ZILLES
  28. A.459889 Lt. Joachin ZUCHNER
  29. A.791043 Lt. Werner ZIELASKO
  30. A.938685 Lt Heins EBERBACH
  31. A.787122 Ob-Lt Erich HOEPFNER
  32. B.22504 Ob-Lt Rolf HORSTHEYER
  33. A.965632 Lt. Werner NUBER
  34. A.814636 Ob-Fhr Willy NATHER
  35. A.957476 Lt. Oswald PRIOR (PRICE)
  36. B.59256 Lt. Johannes SCHELTZ
  37. A.927114 ---------- Captured -------
  38. A.853224 Ob-Lt. Gerhard SCHLAUGH
  39. A.965634 S.S. Karl JOBST
  40. A.859146 S.S. Walter JOEKEL
  41. A.536535 S.S. Otto WOELKY
  42. A.997419 Ob-Lt. Werner BOEHM
  43. A.965959 Lt. Steffi (Gustav) EHLERT
    A.965959 Lt. Steffi (Gustav) EHLERT
    EHLERT 1st October 2003
    when I was fortunate to meet him


    Date Of Birth: 31.10.1919
    Place of Birth: G├╝tersloh
    POW NO: not remembered
    Date Entered Luftwaffe: 1st February 1940
    Occupation: Pilot
    Types Of Planes Flown: 30 different types eg: Ju188, Ju52, HE-111
    What Units was he in: Reconnaissance OBL (ober-commando)
    How & when captured: 20th September 1944 in Belgium
    POW Camps: Kempton Park, Island Farm Date
    Repatriated: December 1946
    Decorations: Nothing Special, transported wounded soldiers and received a medal
    Final Rank: 1st Lieutenant
    Location Where Car Was Ditched:
    Under a Willow tree, because daylight was breaking not because they ran out of petrol.
    Escape Objective: Hoped to escape to the Midlands and to an airport and hoped to get to Ireland

  44. A.432856 Hptm. Friedrich FINKEIN
  45. A.852429 Lt. Heinz GRUNEWELD
  46. A.428903 Hptm. Josef KRAMMLING
  47. B.506 Lt. Gerhard KROHM
  48. A.965629 Lt. Paul RAUCH
  49. A.506055 Lt. Gerhard STUMPF
  50. A.965621 Ob-Lt. Walter URNER
  51. A.852416 Lt. Karl WAECHTER
  52. A.459887 Lt. Karl WITTIG
  53. B.12041 Uffs. Ernst BURMFISTER
  54. B.11956 Uffs. Gerhard WALK
  55. A.988721 Lt Heinz HERZLER
  56. A.841036 Lt. Karl LUDWIG