On the 31st March 1945 the last of the 1,634 prisoners were moved from Camp 198 to Camp 181 Carburton Worksop Nottinghamshire England . This was mainly done as a precaution incase another tunnel remained undetected at Island Farm.

Island Farm was then designated the title of Special Camp Eleven and given a new commandant Major D.B. Topham (previously Commandant Lieutenant-Colonel Darling).

These officers were held for a variety of reasons:

a) Whilst war crimes investigations were being conducted.
b) Awaiting their own trial.
c) As witnesses expected to give evidence at another officer's trial
d) Awaiting extradition transfers to requesting countries.

The date of the opening of Special Camp 11 has been stated as 17th November 1945, but the first officers came on Wedneday 9th January 1946.

21st / 25th June 1946 = 162 officers and 0     ORs = 162 in total

28th / 29th June 1947 = 155 officers and 150 ORs = 305

3rd  / 4th   May 1948  = 81  officers and 153 ORs = 234

ORs means Other Ranks i.e. non officer

A few of the officers were related to each other e.g :

Leutnant Hans Gerd von Rundstedt & Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt (Father & Son)

Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt and Generaloberst Gotthard Heinrici (Cousins)

Some of the officers held at Special Camp 11 were some of Hitler's closest advisers during WWII e.g. Generalfeldmarschalls: Rundstedt, Manstein, Kleist & Brauchitsch. Many of the high ranking officers would not associate with the ORs and at meal times refused to join tables with them.