Below is a letter from the Chief Constable of the Glamorgan Constabulary commending all the various groups of people who assisted with the PoW recapture efforts


G L A M O R G A N  C O N S T A B U L A R Y


Chief Constable's Office
Canton, Cardiff.
26th March 1945

Mass Escape of German Prisoners of War  - 11th
March ,1945.

The recent escape of 70 Prisoners of War from the Camp at Bridgend set
the Force a task which called for the prompt and energetic attention of all

At the outset, it was clear from reports which reached the Police that
it would be anything but an easy matter to trace and recapture the escaped
men, who would take full advantage of what they achieved in getting away
from the Camp in different directions.

In view of the magnitude of the escape, measures had to be taken
to organise the search and maintain keen observations on a far wider scale
than could be done by the limited numbers of Service and Police personnel;
and, for this purpose, an appeal was made by the Chief Constable for the
aid of all available Special Constables, members of the Home Guard, Wardens,
and members of the general public who could give assistance.

The response to this appeal fulfilled all expectations.  With the
least possible delay search parties were methodically organised and a
comb-out was undertaken, which yielded such good results that within the
space of six days all of the Prisoners had been recaptured and returned
to the Camp.  Through the energy and vigilance of the search parties,
and the wonderful co-operation of the members of the public who passed
on to the police without delay any information they considered would be
helpful, only eight of the escaped Prisoners of War were able to make their
way outside the County of Glamorgan; four of whom had taken possession of
and driven away in an unattended motor car immediately they escaped from
the Camp, and were probably outside Glamorgan before their escape was
reported to the Police.  It is known that the other four boarded goods
trains at isolated spots.

Messages of thanks for the good work done by the Police have been
received from both the Officer Commanding, South Wales District, and
the Officer Commanding, Severn Sub District, and the Chief Constable
desires to take this opportunity of expressing his personal appreciation,
not only of the members of the Force, the Police Auxiliaries and the
Special Constables, but also of the invaluable assistance given by the
members of the Home Guard, the air Raid Wardens, members of other branches
of the Civil Defence Service, and the very large number of other public
spirited citizens who came forward and gave their services so readily at
a time when they were so much needed.

It is desired that this expression of thanks for assistance rendered
should be conveyed also to the Ministers of Religion, of all denominations,
who contributed such useful and material assistance in connection with the
search by announcing to their congregations that this large number of
Prisoners of War had escaped, and that if any persons resembling them were
seen the matter should be reported without delay to the Police.  It is
impossible to send a personal message of appreciation to all who assisted in
the protracted search, and, for this reason, the Chief Constable hopes that
the members of the Force in their respective districts will convey this
message of thanks to all those persons who co-operated as the source for
disseminating the information for the valuable assistance which was so
spontaneously given, and proved so affective.

By Order


(1936 - 1952)

To each Supt. (4)
To each Insp. (2) 
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