Diversion & Annoyance Tactics

The following information was given to me by escapees: A.965959 Lt. Steffi (Gustav) EHLERT and A.531801 Lt. Gerhard FIEGEL whom I met 1st October 2003.

Annoyance tactics

A lot of the POWs were not escape minded but were keen to join in the fun of keeping the guards on their toes. The POWs would return to their rooms at the end of the day with their pockets full of small stones. When the camp was quiet, in the night, they would open the hut windows and flick the stones against the wire. The noise would fool the guards in to thinking the wire was being cut and the quiet would be disturbed by wild firing !

Another method was to make paper aeroplanes which would be launched out of the windows. The guards then had to spend hours hunting for them in case they contained notes to agents, or friends on the outside.